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La Loma Golf Resort Introduction.
Polaris World in Murcia.

The La Loma Resort, a residential development where space and light ‘rule’.
With a total surface area of 525,000 square metres, the La Loma Resort will be built on the edge of the city of Murcia, next to the Murcia-San Javier motorway and close to the La Torre Resort and the El Valle Resort.

Building work on the 400 villas, terraced houses and apartments that go to make up Polaris World’s fifth residential complex will begin in the middle of 2005.

The Loma Resort project has been designed by the prestigious Mexican architect Josť de Yturbe, who works with elements such as space, light and colour to achieve a style of architecture that is modern, emotive, in context with its surroundings, attractive and functional.

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Using these premises, space is transformed into one of the focal points of the new resort, a true luxury in homes that transmit a great feeling of wide-openness. The houses face outwards and are designed to be simple and yet not plain and to catch the eye without resorting to superfluous ornamentation. The architecture is robustly minimalist and at the same time compelling and pleasant. Furniture forms a vitally important element when it comes to making the correct use
of the space, which is so structured as to perfectly define the location of the furnishings to perfection.

In order to make the best possible use of the light, the resort adapts itself to the climate and surroundings using a combination of ventilation designs and generous openings cut into both sides of the houses. Furthermore, trellises that have been prepared to encourage the growth of climbing plants, are built into their terraces to provide natural shade.

Another of the elements that makes the La Loma Resort so unique is colour. This makes its presence especially felt on the outside of the houses via a well thought out combination of shades of brown, orange, pink and white that change in accordance with the daylight.

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Communal Areas
Of all the resort’s communal areas, special mention must be made of the ‘Tambor’ and the ‘Plaza de la Guitarra’. The first is a shopping precinct that uses a basement-style dry area to catch any available breeze and features fountains, small squares, pavements and cycle paths, etc. that link the entire complex.

As its name indicates, the second communal area has been designed in the shape of a guitar, the ‘sound box’ of which is a pergola-style portico where the shopping area is situated. The ‘neck’ of the guitar consists of a large garden with a stairway down which water runs until it reaches a
waterfall that feeds a large central fountain. Finally, part of this square opens out to overlook the hill or green area.

Art and Feelings
Yturbe’s architecture is the result of a mixture of cultures in which there still exist Spanish roots to which an Arabian influence has been added and is delivered with all the power of his country of origin, Mexico. In this sense, the outstanding architectural elements are those that contribute serenity (such as the patios whose fountains throw out bright shafts of water, reflections, joy, freshness, purity, etc.), the minimalist yet eye-catching spaces and a fine use of colour on the exterior surfaces.

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