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News from Polaris World Magazine Autumn 2004.

Polaris World hands over the keys of the first homes at the Mar Menor Golf Resort complex

Polaris World customers have begun to enjoy the benefits of their new homes at the Mar Menor Golf Resort complex, the keys to the first being handed over last July. Honoring its agreed deadlines, Polaris World commenced with the handover, thereby enabling some of the property
owners to move into their new homes sooner than expected. To ensure that our customers’ arrival at the resort was as smooth and comfortable as possible, our company handed the new homes over totally clean and ready to be lived in.

One of the other factors that differentiates the resort is the fact that the homes all have their own gardens complete with plants and lawns from the word go and that these are kept green and healthy all year round thanks to a drip irrigation system.

One of the jobs of the Polaris Garden Department is to nurse the different species of trees and shrubs until they are mature enough to be planted out around the resort, thereby ensuring that once they have been put in the ground they are already large and established enough to give the impression that they have always been there. In this way, the residents of the resort do not have to wait for the trees and plants to grow and instead find themselves surrounded by abundant vegetation from day one.

The keys to the first homes are handed out at the Mar Menor Golf Resort

Our customers move in and find their new homes clean from top to bottom and complete with well established gardens
On July 15 of this year Polaris World began to hand over the keys of the homes built during the first phase of the Mar Menor Golf Resort complex.
Our company has honoured its promised handover deadlines to the letter, and in some cases it has even brought dates forward in accordance with commitments made with certain customers so that many of them are going to be able to begin to enjoy their new homes sooner than originally expected. And they will do so with the added bonus of finding their homes completely clean and ready to be lived in and surrounded by gardens that are both established and totally finished.

The first phase of the residential complex built by Polaris World covers a surface area of 700,000 square metres and is located in the township of Torre Pacheco and only five minutes away from the Mar Menor. This is a privileged situation from which to enjoy the beaches and is only 30 minutes away from Alicante International Airport.

Wide avenues
The area in which the complex is situated is private and the residential development itself is fenced in and under surveillance 24 hours a day. With its wide avenues and streets and numerous parks and green spaces, the Mar Menor Golf Resort, like all of the resorts designed and built by Polaris World, offers its customers a whole host of services.
Among the outstanding facilities that form part of this residential complex are a social centre with its own restaurant, cafeteria and bars, shopping areas and a business centre. The Mar Menor Golf Resort will also have its own sports centre housing a gym and golf school as well as outdoor and indoor swimming pools. The residential complex will also include a luxury five-star hotel with 64 rooms.

Notable progress being made in the construction of the Mar Menor Golf Resort

The street lighting and signposting of the first phase is now completely finished.
The work involved in building the Mar Menor Golf Resort complex has seen significant progress over the last few months, details of which are contained in a report prepared by our Control Department. First and foremost, the good news is that the structural work on the project’s residential buildings, some 745 in total, is now 100 percent complete, and our company has begun to hand over the keys of the first of these to their owners. Likewise, notable progress has been made as regards the landscape gardening of the green areas and on the work on the squares and fountains that form part of the complex’s infrastructure.

Work on the Mar Menor project started in June 2003 and these last few months have seen the finishing touches, which have been carried out in three distinct phases, being put to the resort.
On the one hand, during the first phase the exteriors of all the homes were painted, thereby giving the complex a finished feel. At the same time, the jobs normally associated with the completion of a building, such as putting the finishing touches to the kitchens and the interiors of the homes and checking the electrical connections, were carried out.

The second phase involves the cladding of the homes once the bricklaying work has been completed. This stage of the process includes the plastering and/or tiling of walls and the laying of floors, as well as wiring and plumbing in the homes.
Finally, by the third phase structural work on the homes has been totally completed, as have all auxiliary tasks such as any additional bricklaying, the building of enclosure and partition walls, and tiling the roofs. The tasks that go to make up this phase involve putting the finishing touches to the homes and the installation of services.

The Surroundings
Alongside the great strides made over the last few months that have seen the completion of the Mar Menor Golf Resort homes, mention must also be made of the progress as regards work on the infrastructure of the residential complex, which includes street and outdoor lighting, road surfacing and signposting, such as road markings and road signs. At the same time, the construction of the communal buildings, such as the hotel and the social club, has progressed apace.

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